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Picture, if you will, a place, a public place, where there are arm chairs to rest in, tables at which to sit and a bar at which to perch. The music is good but not too loud. There are NO televisions. The waiters and bartenders are personable and knowledgeable. They need to be the latter because there are there are a good 80 or 90 beers, ales, porters, stouts, lagers, bocks, lambics, farmhouse ales and ciders in bottles and 40 or 50 others of that ilk on tap. The exact lineup changes daily so everything is fresh.  The food does NOT include shrimp with pesto (which is restaurant food) or fish and chips (which is street food) but you can get a ploughman's lunch or a plate of good cheeses or a hot dog or a honkin' big pretzel.

Unfortunately, in the evening, this place is as popular as it deserves to be and with the sort of crowd where you have to leave an extra few minutes to fight your way to the door. Fortunately at lunch time it is usually fairly quiet and occupied by people who have serious talking and/or serious beer tasting to do.

I recently met someone from work there and we decided not to tell anybody about this place for reasons that should be obvious. However upon application and the completion of the questions below I might (might, I say) be willing to divulge the name and location of this paragon of pubs.

Beer Qualification Test

Where were bock beers first brewed?

How does cask differ from keg brews?

What doe "dry hopped" mean?

Do you like "lite" beer?

Do you drink responsibly and if you do, for heaven's sake, Why???
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